OneWater LA

OneWater LA

A partnership project between LA Bureau of Sanitation, LA Department of Water and Power, and Carollo Engineers

OneWater LA GraphicOne Water LA is a long-term commitment to ensure Los Angeles' water future through collaboration, integration, and public involvement. Once complete, the One Water LA 2040 Plan will provide the framework, vision, and implementation strategy required to meet the region's near- and long-term water supply challenges.

As the City's overall Project Manager for the One Water LA Program, Carollo is developing wastewater and stormwater facilities’ master plans and city policies designed to govern on-site water conservation and reclamation. In addition, Carollo is directing stakeholder outreach and communications programs to engage more than 80 neighborhood councils, 15 council districts and more than a dozen local, state and federal agencies that represent the City's four million residents.

"I am pleased with the high level of cooperation and collaboration that One Water LA is achieving between city departments,” said Martin Adams, senior assistant general manager of the Water System for LADWP. The success of our future water supply portfolio benefits greatly from the close working relationship with LASAN. The One Water LA program is helping to facilitate that process and ensure that investments we each make are working toward a common goal.”

-- Martin Adams, Senior Assistant General Manager of the Water System for LADWP