Innovation and Research

Innovation and Research

The Carollo Research Group (CRG), a diverse team of engineers, scientists, and researchers located in offices across the country, is focused on bridging the gap between fundamental research and practical, innovative, and reliable solutions for those we serve. CRG is predicated on the belief that creativity, science, and technology must be integrated with sound engineering to meet the complex challenges facing our industry. Challenges like aging infrastructure, increasingly stringent water quality and discharge requirements, the movement toward sustainability, and growing water supply shortages require innovative thinking: thinking that bridges the gap from research and development to real world solutions.

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The basic components of Carollo’s R&D program include:

  1. An understanding of industry needs, drivers, and trends. Establishing an appropriate direction for R&D resources and energy requires an understanding not only of the challenges you face today, but also the challenges you will be facing in the next decade and beyond. 
  2. Good ideas. Without innovative thinking, the limitations of current processes, technologies, and tools become permanent boundary conditions that dictate treatment effectiveness and efficiency.   
  3. A rigorous testing program. The CRG maintains an expansive inventory of bench and pilot equipment and draws from extensive testing experience to convert good ideas to full-scale design criteria and operating parameters. 
  4. A focus on communication. While industry knowledge, good ideas, and testing capabilities are the foundation of Carollo’s R&D program, the program’s real impact is ultimately determined by an ability to communicate effectively.  Consequently, CRG operates through a decentralized, integrated structure to ensure that information is gathered from diverse sources, consolidated, and communicated broadly.  

Carollo’s Research Group at a Glance

  • Over 170 applied research projects in the last five years covering water, wastewater, reuse, and infrastructure
  • $25M in funded R&D in the last seven years
  • More than 35 peer-reviewed publications in the last two years
  • Funded research by the Water Research Foundation, USEPA, WateReuse Research Foundation, Water Environment Federation, NWRI, DOD, USBR, municipalities, and many more
  • Innovative process ideas have led to six process patents, with three more pending.