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Sustainability at Carollo

Sustainability at Carollo

Sustainability is meeting human needs within the limits of our natural world. Sustainability is employing processes that fit into nature’s ecosystems, which provide the services and resources upon which we all depend. Carollo is cultivating a sustainable environment by harnessing its employees' passionate, creative energy to implement innovative, sustainable solutions. What’s the result? A healthier planet and improved performance for our clients.

Click here to visit our Sustainable Solutions Service page to see how we are applying sustainability concepts for our clients.

Client Solutions

Sustainability begins with how we make decisions and identify solutions. Our approach is tailored to fit the client’s needs and goals, but typically encompasses the basic tenets of the triple bottom line: long-term cost savings, improving community amenities and relations, and protecting/restoring the environment. Not only do we take a multi-faceted approach to decision-making, but the solutions we recommend for our clients are often multi-disciplinary in nature, reaching across traditional engineering boundaries to achieve sustainability for the future.

Here is a sampling of the sustainable services and example strategies that Carollo is implementing for our clients:

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Carollo has developed an in-house greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions model to estimate greenhouse gas emissions for projects, which then leads to identifying opportunities and strategies for reduction, adaptation, and mitigation. We have used this model as part of our sustainable planning strategy for clients across the nation, resulting in the identification and design of new facilities with reduced GHG emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.

Carollo's Capabilities:
  • GHG Evaluation, Mitigation, and Reduction
  • Adaptation
  • Climate Action Plans

Using Waste to Generate Heat

Carollo is leading the industry in enhancing anaerobic digestion with high-strength organic materials to increase and improve the production of digester gas. The result is increased production of a clean, renewable energy source (methane) for use in heating, producing energy for the plant (through cogeneration or fuel cells), or for disinfection through pasteurization. Click here to learn more about Carollo’s use of innovative technologies for creating and conserving energy.

Carollo's Capabilities:
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Biogas
  • Co-Digestion
  • Assessment and Design
  • Funding

Conserving our Natural Resources

We plan and design facilities and processes to enhance our natural world as much as possible through energy and water efficiency and creation of reusable or renewable by-products (i.e., water, biosolids, and energy). We see water, in particular, as a huge resource for any community, regardless of its form. We have developed integrated solutions for stormwater, water and wastewater treatment, and water reuse for many clients within jurisdictional and regional/inter-regional boundaries. Click for further details on Integrated Planning and Water Reuse/Resources projects.

Carollo's Capabilities:
  • Water Conservation and Efficiency
  • Nutrient Recovery
  • Energy Efficiency and Optimization
  • Energy Audits
  • Integrated Water Planning
  • Water Reuse/Resources

Implementing Sustainability from Start to Finish

Developing a sustainable project means setting the goals and objectives from the beginning planning stages and following through with sustainable design, specification, and construction. We work with clients and stakeholders to help them with visioning to understand what is sustainability, what are the frameworks for making sustainable decisions, and how can we apply these concepts to an engineering project. Sustainable frameworks and tools used for past projects and clients include using The Natural StepTM, Biomimicry, Triple Bottom Line, Ecological Footprint, and Carbon Footprinting. Outcomes of our projects with specific sustainability goals have included: wetlands that provide public recreation benefits as well as water quality improvement; low-impact development techniques to better manage on-site stormwater; green building techniques for occupied buildings, which save energy and enhance worker satisfaction; and creative treatment technologies to reduce energy and chemical use while meeting quality requirements.

Some of our sustainable projects are featured on our Sustainable Solutions service page.

Carollo's Capabilities:
  • Decision Process (TBL, GHG, Ecological Footprint)
  • Green Building – LEED
  • Green Specs
  • Natural Systems
  • Sustainable Processes/Technologies
  • Biomimicry
  • Public/Stakeholder Involvement
  • Community Amenities

Setting a Sustainable Vision with Goals

Our clients often have an ideal vision for a sustainable organization but may need our help in setting definitive and attainable goals - either for a project or an organization as a whole. We are well-versed in helping our clients set and achieve wholistic, reasonable sustainability goals that complement their organization's larger vision. Carollo helps facilitate client groups to set goals and decision processes that reflect the community’s and agency’s values.

Carollo's Capabilities:
  • Internal Operation Planning/Implementation
  • Education/Training Visioning/Sustainable Goal Setting
  • Visioning/Sustainable Goal Setting