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In-House Green Initiatives

In-House Green Initiatives

2009 Sustainability ReportCarollo strives to not only ‘talk the talk’ of sustainability but also ‘walk the walk.’ We developed a Sustainability Plan to guide our own efforts to becoming a more sustainable organization. For many years, Carollo has done ‘the right thing’ in many of our internal operations, but we felt that in order to step up our internal sustainability and really see progress, we needed to develop a plan. Our planning efforts include a strategic sustainability framework which connects a triple bottom line Company Policy with nine 2025 Sustainability Objectives.

Our Approach to Achieving Sustainable Success

To ensure that our plan is not stagnant but is a living, breathing part of our company’s fabric,
we are using the following approach to achieving sustainable success:

  • Align, Engage, Appraise, EvolveAlign - Align our employees around a shared vision and goals.
  • Engage - Engage employees as partners in achieving our vision, so it becomes part of the daily lens through which they approach their work.
  • Appraise - Measure our progress through a comprehensive set of sustainability performance metrics.
  • Evolve - Adapt our goals and programs based on appraisal of our progress and other new information.

How are we doing?

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Carollo’s accounting department has gone almost entirely paperless! Annual savings in paper products is estimated to be $100,000.

2009 Carbon FootprintSeveral of Carollo’s office moves in the last few years were into green buildings. The Sacramento and Orange County, California, offices are located in Energy Star buildings. The Portland and Phoenix offices are located in buildings with green building features, and the Denver-Broomfield office is LEEDTM Gold certified. These types of offices spaces help reduce energy use and provide a clean, healthy environment for our employees.

Carollo practices environmentally preferred purchasing including Energy Star compliant equipment, fuel-efficient fleet vehicles, recycled paper products, and ‘green’ building products for office remodels.


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Carollo recently underwent a host of organization changes that will help to sustain and promote our talented workforce. Recognition and award will be given for individual contribution to the organization while at the same time promoting excellence in work product and client services.

Carollo hosts various student groups (from elementary to college age) annually to highlight for them what Environmental Engineering is all about and to encourage younger generations to think about engineering as a career.

Among other give-back efforts, Carollo offices annually participate in a month-long fundraising campaign to promote Water for People and the important work that they do overseas. Click here for more details.

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Carollo’s commitment to providing sustainable solutions for their clients is evidenced in many of our most recent projects and activities. Click here to get a glimpse of some our recent sustainable solutions.