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Taking the "waste" out of “wastewater”...

Taking the "waste" out of “wastewater”...

MWRD Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility
Carollo helped the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District in Denver, Colorado, with a 10-year program to meet more stringent effluent nutrient standards at their 220-mgd Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater is no longer a liability, treated to minimum standards and disposed of as quickly and cheaply as possible. Today wastewater is viewed as a valuable resource that, when renewed, provides a liquid asset for our receiving waters, a nutrient-rich irrigation supply for our communities, and a source of groundwater replenishment. Wastewater contains recoverable solids for beneficial reuse and represents an untapped energy source to offset the demands of a power-hungry world. Carollo helps all of us do more with less and be smarter with the water we use… and reuse. That means applying both direct potable reuse and indirect potable reuse technologies when and where appropriate. Our future depends on it.

What lies ahead in the wastewater treatment industry? Carollo has identified five prominent trends that will shape the future and impact the long-term planning and design of wastewater facilities. These trends address:

  1. Nutrient Removal and Recovery
  2. Improved Energy Management
  3. Sustainability of Resources
  4. Trace Organic Contaminant Mitigation
  5. Community Enhancement

We leverage the knowledge and service of our local project teams with our national experts to help municipalities and industries across the country cost-consciously address these future trends. We collaborate with academia, operations teams, regulatory agencies, and municipal managers to preserve our nation’s waters while mitigating current and future environmental risks.