Desalination Product Water Recovery and Concentrate Volume Minimization

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Desalination Product Water Recovery and Concentrate Volume Minimization

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Project Highlights: 
  • Literature review and international desalination survey.
  • Performance validation of innovative desalination approach and possible improvements.
  • Development of a guidance tool for selecting viable desalting technology with improved recovery and/or lower concentrate volume.
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Carollo is leading the industry in the development and application of innovative desalination technologies that reduce concentrate volume and disposal costs.

The overall project objective is a state-of-science assessment and development of technologies for maximization of system energy recovery and minimization of concentrate volume. The study is organized in two phases. Phase I focuses on state-of-science assessment and the development of an innovative approach. Phase II focuses on the testing of the innovative approach.

Key points of this research include:

  • Literature Review and International Survey. Extensively document state-of-science of desalination technologies as well as promising and emerging technologies for recovery enhancement and concentrate management via literature reviews and international survey.
  • Validate Innovative Approach and Possible Improvements. Perform bench- and pilot-scale tests of innovative approach to validate anticipated performance and conduct QA/QC functions.
  • Guidance Tool. Develop a guidance tool for the end-user to select viable desalting technology with improved recovery and/or decreased concentrate volume that may be preferred under specific site and geographic conditions.

To assure practical assessment and implementation of the work, our approach includes expert input and validation utilizing several distinguished desalination specialists, comparative testing of developing and emerging concepts based on available equipment, and input from large utilities and agencies.