L-8 Reservoir Modifications, Pump Station, and Inflow Structure Design Build

South Florida Water Management District, 

L-8 Reservoir Modifications, Pump Station, and Inflow Structure Design Build

Project Highlights: 
  • 450 cfs (291 mgd) pump station with six-800 HP submersible vertical pumps
  • 3,000 cfs (1,940 mgd) inflow structure
  • Civil and geotechnical modifications and armoring of levees around the approximately 46,000  acre-feet reservoir
  • Component of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP)
  • Multimillion dollar ($64M) design build project
Aerial Photograph of the L-8 Reservoir, by Palm Beach Aggregates.
Aerial Photograph of the L-8 Reservoir, by Palm Beach Aggregates.

This project targets the design build of infrastructure that would allow for full functionality of a 46,000 acre-feet man-made reservoir in Palm Beach County, Florida. This reservoir will provide storage for water that will be released in a controlled manner into the regional canals system (shared by several Counties), for restoration under the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, and for water quality buffering in Southeast Florida’s Stormwater Treatment Areas (STAs) – a vast amount of wetlands that maintain the environmental equilibrium of the region.

The infrastructure that will make this possible consists of a 450 cfs (291 mgd) pump station, a 3,000 cfs (1,940 mgd) inflow structure, and geotechnical modifications of the levees that surround the reservoir.

This project has a number of differentiators that make it unique:

  • A very exceptional geologic formation for Southeast Florida (watertight formation) allowed the construction of an underground reservoir.
  • It will make possible the equalization of the water flow that goes into conservation/treatment/Everglades areas.
  • Storage of surplus surface water will be possible, leading to potential water availability during drought.
  • The pump station will have high flow and high head electrical submersible pumps, rarely seen in Southeast Florida for water management applications.

Carollo completed preliminary studies and a conceptual plan for the L-8 Reservoir Modifications, Pump Station, and Inflow Structure project for the South Florida Water Management District in 2011. Results of this preliminary phase were used by the Client to consider an alternative delivery method for the subsequent phases of the project. In 2012, Carollo served as the Owner’s Advisor and recently completed the fast-paced, two-phase procurement of the design build contract.

Carollo successfully provided engineering support during the accelerated design build procurement process, including creation of the Request for Qualifications, qualifications review, Request for Proposal, Design Criteria and Specifications,  addenda creation, collaboration meetings with proposers, technical proposals evaluation, and cost proposals evaluation. The design build contract was adjudicated to the successful team at the end of 2012. Carollo is currently serving as design technical reviewer for the District, and will provide engineering services during construction.