Recycled Water Project Management Plan

Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District, 

Recycled Water Project Management Plan

Project Highlights: 
  • Water recycling plan for California Title 22 restricted reuse standards.
  • Recycled water used for pasture and vineyard irrigation.
  • Permitting assistance. Successful worker training program which also serves as a public relations tool.
Sonoma grapes

Carollo prepared a Recycled Water Project Management Plan for wastewater recycling in the community of Sonoma, California. Recycled wastewater meeting California Title 22 requirements for restricted use is currently being utilized for wetlands and irrigation of 400 acres of pasture and 1,850 acres of wine grapes for four major vineyards in the famous Carneros region of Sonoma County.

Carollo’s involvement included assisting the Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District (SVCSD) in negotiating the final Regional Water Quality Control Board reclamation permit, developing a recycled water use plan for compliance with permit operating and monitoring provisions and use restrictions, and developing a program for training field workers in the use of recycled water.

The management plan includes recycled water piping construction standards and identification procedures, irrigation and harvesting practices, a worker training plan, monitoring and reporting procedures, and an operational contingency plan.

The training program developed by Carollo has proven very successful and includes bilingual written training materials, treatment plant and irrigation area tours, and a training videotape. The training videotape is the highlight of the training program and includes background information to familiarize workers with the characteristics of recycled water, as well as the do’s and don’ts of recycled water handling and use. The training videotape has also been used as a public relations tool for SVCSD, has been shown to community groups and schools, and has been aired on public television.

Carollo has also evaluated the cost of upgrading the existing treatment system to produce “unrestricted use” recycled water. The evaluation included assessing the impact of using higher-quality water on permit requirements and resulting monitoring and compliance needs.

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