Provo Wastewater Treatment Plant

City of Provo, 

Provo Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Highlights: 
  • 21 mgd of secondary and tertiary treatment.
  • Award-winning facility.
  • Extremely high quality effluent meeting the stringent effluent requirements of Utah Lake.
Provo Plant Aerial
Carollo designed the Provo plant and has since designed various plant improvements, including a fine bubble aeration conversion, a centrifuge dewatering facility, and upgrades to the tertiary filter system.

Carollo performed pilot studies and subsequently designed the 21-mgd secondary and tertiary treatment facilities for Provo, Utah, in 1976. Tertiary treatment was provided at Provo in order to meet the stringent treatment requirements (BOD5 10 mg/L, SS 10 mg/L) prescribed for disposal to Utah Lake, which is used for fishing, swimming, and boating.

Treatment facilities include trickling filters as roughing filters, airactivated sludge facilities designed for complete nitrification, and conventional dual-media rapid sand filters for direct filtration of activated sludge secondary effluent. Filtration is accomplished without chemical addition. The filtration process is followed by chlorine disinfection prior to discharge.

This plant, which consistently produces an extremely high-quality effluent, won an EPA Region VIII Operation and Maintenance Excellence Award for the best wastewater treatment plant in its size category in 1986 and again in 1994. The plant was also awarded the Water Environment Federation’s Best Operational Plant Award for 1979 and was recognized in 1978 with an American Society of Civil Engineer Best Civil Engineering Project Award.

In 1992, Carollo designed and managed construction of the conversion of coarse bubble diffusers to fine bubble diffusers in the activated sludge basins at the plant, significantly reducing power costs in the blower systems and increasing air transfer rates in the basins.

In 1994, Carollo designed a centrifuge dewatering facility to replace the plant’s sludge drying beds.

In 1997, Carollo designed upgrades to the tertiary filter system including electrical and instrumentation upgrades, filter media replacement, and filter washwater control upgrades. We are currently providing construction management services for this project.