Greenway Water Treatment Plant

City of Peoria, 

Greenway Water Treatment Plant

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Project Highlights: 
  • $2.8 million water treatment facility with a first-phase capacity of 16 mgd.
  • Designed for conventional treatment in combination with ozonation and biologically active filtration.
Greenway Water Treatment Plant
The Greenway Water Treatment Plant will met Peoria’s water needs.

Carollo's services for the City of Peoria's new Greeenway Water Treatment Plant include planning, design, and construction management. The first-phase design provides for a treatment capacity of 16 mgd and utilizes conventional treatment processes in combination with ozonation and biologically active filtration (BAF).

The design provides for conventional treatment processes, including chemical addition, rapid flash mixing, pre-sedimentation, final sedimentation, and flocculation. Ozone is used as a primary disinfectant with chlorine added as the secondary disinfectant. BAF reduces taste and odor. Additional facilities include finished water storage and pumping, used water recovery, solids handling, and a PLC-based remote control operation system with SCADA capabilities.

The 20-acre facility includes an operations building which houses training rooms, offices, maintenance areas, and a laboratory. Treatmentrelated buildings, such as the chemical handling facility, a disinfection building, and an ozone generation building, are centrally located in relation to the treatment process structures on the site.

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