Panther Creek Screen House Rehabilitation

City of Everett, 

Panther Creek Screen House Rehabilitation

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Project Highlights: 
  • Rehabilitation and reconfiguration of 70 year old hydraulic structure.
  • Hydraulic modeling of the water distribution system.
  • Coordination with City staff to determine operational goals.
The original screen house
The new Panther Creek reservoir will be located at the site of the original screen house which provided the only treatment of raw water from Lake Chaplain until 1983.

The City of Everett owns and operates a water supply system that includes raw water storage, treatment, transmission, and distribution. The existing Screen House was in need of rehabilitation to meet current safety and Department of Health cross-connection requirements, as well as improve operational flexibility in the water transmission pipelines downstream of the Screen House.

Carollo’s role in the design of the rehabilitation was to address the following issues:

  • Screen House capacity.
  • System flow control.
  • Overflow and dechlorination systems.
  • Inlet/outlet configuration.
  • Water circulation within the Screen House.

Carollo first determined the Screen House capacity by reviewing the City of Everett’s demand projections and operational goals. This involved discussing the operational goals in workshops with the City of Everett’s operations staff, including emergency and normal operations related to the water treatment plant and distribution system facilities. After determining capacity, Carollo worked with the prime consultant and City of Everett to determine the optimum Screen House configuration.

This portion of the project included computer hydraulic modeling of Everett’s transmission system. Carollo used the computer model to verify proper system operation during normal and emergency operational scenarios. Carollo used the results of the computer modeling to recommend overflow elevations and the outlet flow control mechanism.

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