System 2 Water Treatment Plant Ion Exchange Treatment System

Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department, 

System 2 Water Treatment Plant Ion Exchange Treatment System

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Project Highlights: 
  • Chemical use and demands were reduced while providing improved water quality. This resulted in significant operational cost savings.
  • Energy consumption at the WTP was significantly reduced by replacing the ozone system with the ion exchange system, which requires significantly less energy.
  • Actual resin loss in full scale operation is less than the design target range, saving money for PBCWUD.
  • The ion exchange system uses only resin and salt, with no hazardous treatment chemicals.
3D design rendering of the ion exchange treatment system.
3 dimensional design rendering of the ion exchange treatment system.

Carollo provide design and construction administration services for the MIEX® Treatment System project at Palm Beach County’s System 2 Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in West Palm Beach, Florida. This project included the installation of a magnetic ion exchange treatment system to achieve color reduction and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) removal from the source water. The ion exchange system replaced an obsolete ozone system. In addition to DOC and color removal, the ion exchange system reduced disinfection byproducts (DBPs) via the reduction of DBP forming organic precursors and provided the benefits of reducing the chlorine demand in downstream treatment.

The project included the design of two 25-foot square continuous flow high rate fluidized bed reactors (referred to as contactors). Each contactor is rated for 9 million gallons per day (mgd) and operates as an independent process train. A resin regeneration system, also consisting of two parallel trains, utilizing salt brine (sodium chloride) to regenerate the resin by exchanging DOC with chloride ions was included. The regeneration system was designed with a resin regeneration rate of approximately 1.67 gallons of resin regenerated per 1,000 gallons of water treated. Also included in the project were the virgin resin storage and feed system, recycled brine tank, saturated brine storage tank and pumping, raw water system piping modifications with flow control devices, as well as the electrical and instrumentation components associated with the overall treatment system. By fully understanding the downstream softening process, raw water characteristics, and applicable water quality regulations, Carollo included a softening system bypass in order to increase the treatment capacity of the plant by approximately 2 mgd without any upgrades to the softening process or downstream filters. This was accomplished by fully utilizing available filtration capacity that was previously limited by the softening process. 

The Ion Exchange Treatment System at the System 2 WTP was the largest installation of its type in the world at the time of start-up and commissioning. Start-up and commissioning began in early 2012.