O.N. Stevens Water Treatment Plant Facility Analysis

City of Corpus Christi, 

O.N. Stevens Water Treatment Plant Facility Analysis

Service Type: 
High Service Pump Station
O.N. Stevens WTP High Service Pump Station

Carollo is serving as the process specialist on a team of firms retained by the City of Corpus Christi to identify near- and long-term facility improvements at the City’s 167-mgd O.N. Stevens Water Treatment Plant with an overall goal of expanding capacity of the facility to approximately 200-mgd or greater.

Carollo’s portion of the project includes:

  • A hydraulic assessment of the existing facilities to validate existing capacity rating and identify potential alternatives to increase the capacity of the plant.
  • Evaluation of all chemical feed systems to identify improvements needed to accommodate current feed efficiency goals and long-term capacity goals.
  • Hydraulic modeling of the plant water system.
  • TCEQ-compliant tracer studies of the sedimentation basins and clearwells, followed by determination of T10.
  • Completion of a documentation and communications needs assessment. The purpose of this task was to identify areas where the City may be able to employ certain technologies to enhance its day-today operations and increase its efficiency.
  • Development of a capital improvement plan (conceptual facilities improvements, costs, and schedules) for implementation of improvements to achieve a capacity of approximately 200 mgd. Implementation of the recommended improvements will allow the City to increase its treatment capacity by approximately 20 percent while deferring construction of a fifth sedimentation basin/filter/ clearwell/high service pumping station complex until demands warrant.

The recommended improvements are also expected to enhance the performance of the existing facilities and reduce coagulant feed by approximately 50 percent.