Northern Treatment Plant Program

Metro Wastewater Reclamation District, 

Northern Treatment Plant Program

Owner's Advisor

Project Highlights: 
  • Program-wide planning
  • Project delivery analysis
  • Program controls
  • Conceptual design
  • Communications support
  • Land and easement acquisition assistance
  • Permitting assistance
  • Business integration
Northern Treatment Plant Aerial
Carollo provided services for the planning, procurement, and construction oversight for the new regional Northern Treatment Plant (NTP) and transmission facilities.

As part of its goal of expanding wastewater service to existing and future customers in the northeast portion of the Denver Metropolitan Area, the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District (MWRD) has embarked on a $475 million capital improvements program called the Northern Treatment Plant (NTP) Program. The NTP Program consists of three projects: design and construction of a 24-mgd wastewater treatment facility; a 7-mile gravity interceptor;  and an 11-mile pressurized force main.

Since 2010, Carollo and Jacobs Engineering has been serving as the Owner’s Advisor for the NTP Program. In this role, the Carollo team is providing comprehensive program management and engineering services including planning, procurement, and facilities implementation. This strategic partnership also renders resources, expertise, and on-site representatives as an extension of MWRD staff. Key areas in which the Carollo/Jacobs team are offering support that includes:

  • Program-Wide Planning - Developed a program vision and goals, including management and operational strategies.
  • Project Delivery Analysis – Evaluated different project delivery methods  with Metro District staff to identify the most appropriate method for each project within the NTP Program.
  • Program Controls – Developed systems for monitoring budget and schedule; assigning and monitoring risk, and  validating design/build costs; and assisting with implementation of the Owner’s document control system.
  • Conceptual Design - Developed design definition for all aspects of the advanced treatment facility.
  • Communications Support – Assisted the Owner with execution of their Communication Plan, including assistance with internal and public outreach.
  • Land and Easement Acquisition Assistance – Assisted the Owner with the purchase of land and easements necessary for construction of the NTP and associated pipelines, and developed a tool for tracking the status of individual parcels.
  • Permitting - Provided planning and permitting support for the treatment facility and transmission systems and developed tools for tracking the status of individual permits.
  • Business Integration - Prepared a management and business plan for the integration of the satellite facility into existing organizational and operating procedures.