Southwest Groundwater Treatment Project

Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, 

Southwest Groundwater Treatment Project

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Project Highlights: 
  • $75 million project funded by a state trust.
  • Complete design, permitting, and construction services for wells, pipelines, and 7-mgd RO treatment plant.
  • “The most significant groundwater clean-up project in the country today” – USEPA (2001).
$75-million RO treatment plant project
Carollo provided design and construction phase engineering services for this $75-million RO treatment plant project.

Carollo was selected to provide engineering services for the design, permitting, and construction of a new 7-mgd RO treatment plant, associated groundwater well fields, raw water conveyance pipelines, and RO by-product disposal system. This $75-million project is funded by a state trust to remediate sulfate contaminated groundwater, which resulted from nearby mining activities. The Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District will own, operate, and provide potable water back to the public from this damaged groundwater resource.

Carollo’s involvement in this project spans back to the Spring of 2000, when we were first hired to demonstrate the feasibility and cost benefits of RO technology. Upon successful completion of these activities, Carollo assisted the District with RO by-product disposal permitting, which ultimately resulted in the planned disposal system to the Great Salt Lake.

Carollo’s services associated with the Southwest Groundwater Treatment Project consists of the following elements:

  • 7-mgd RO treatment plant.
    • 3.5 mgd of sulfate-contaminated groundwater RO.
    • 2.3 mgd of shallow, riverbank filtration RO.
    • 1.2 mgd of shallow riverbank filtration bypass (UV treatment).
  • Eight sulfate contaminated groundwater wells. • Four shallow groundwater, riverbank filtration wells.
  • 52,800 feet of sulfate-contaminated groundwater conveyance pipeline.
  • 10,000 feet of shallow groundwater conveyance pipeline.
  • 11,000 feet of finished water pipeline.
  • RO by-product disposal system:
    • 137,000 feet of pipeline and pump station.
    • Outfall to the Great Salt Lake.

This project began operating in March 2012.

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