John Jones Water Treatment Plant Expansion

City of Tracy, 

John Jones Water Treatment Plant Expansion

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Project Highlights: 
  • 30-mgd UV facility for Cryptosporidium control.
  • Unique evaluated bid approach to select preferred UV system.
  • Selection of UV manufacturers based on life-cycle costs, validation experience, and installation/operating history.
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Carollo used an evaluated bid approach which included capital costs, life-cycle costs, and non-monetary factors to help select the preferred UV system for the City of Tracy.

The City of Tracy John Jones Water Treatment Plant Expansion includes several new process upgrades to increase plant capacity from 15 mgd to 30 mgd. Carollo completed a preliminary design that recommended process upgrades including new flocculation/sedimentation basins, washwater basins, and chemical addition facilities. Carollo recommended that UV disinfection be implemented to address current and pending regulatory requirements for the inactivation of Cryptosporidium. UV disinfection is a preferred technology for cyst-type pathogen inactivation. For Tracy, UV could be implemented with fewer hydraulic impacts and capital and O&M costs than other technologies, such as ozone.

Carollo also completed final design for the expansion project. As part of the UV design, Carollo conducted a pre-qualification/evaluated bid. The benefit of this unique evaluated bid approach is threefold:

  • Selection of the most cost-effective system is based on life-cycle costs, not low-bid capital costs.
  • UV system selection considers operations and validation expenses, key elements in the selection of this technology.
  • Pre-selection of a single vendor allows the efficient, cost-effective design of a specific system, rather than a "one size fits all" approach.

Carollo evaluated three UV systems manufacturers on the basis of life-cycle cost (capital and O&M costs), reactor validation experience, and installation and operating history. These factors provided a basis for selecting the most preferred UV system.

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