Water System Improvements

El Paso Water Utilities, 

Water System Improvements

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  • Several water system improvement projects involving over 240,000 feet of 16-inch to 60-inch water transmission main, several pump stations, storage facilities, and miscellaneous improvements.
  • Improvements totaling over $65 million in construction.
  • Program management, planning, design, and construction services.
Construction of the area’s largest potable water delivery system
Carollo has assisted El Paso Water Utilities with planning, design, and construction of some of the area’s largest potable water delivery systems.

Carollo has assisted the El Paso Water Utilities with several water system improvement projects. These include:

  • Canutillo-El Paso Upper Valley Transmission Facilities - Carollo planned, designed, and provided construction services for this major water transmission main in the Canutillo area. These facilities, which represent one of El Paso’s largest potable water delivery systems, expand the existing water transmission system from the Upper Valley in order to meet future demands for water service. Carollo evaluated routing alternatives, performed hydraulic analysis, provided right-of-way acquisition, and developed a phasing and capital improvement plan (CIP). Carollo designed the recommended facilities for construction in three phases totaling 41,500 feet of 24-inch to 60-inch pipeline.

  • Canutillo-El Paso Upper Valley Transmission Facilities, Phase III Replacement - This project involved the design of approximately 9,000 feet of new 53-inch-diameter water line from the Keystone Dam to Sunland Park Drive in northwest El Paso. Eastside Water System Improvements. Carollo provided program management for this $40 million CIP. Acting as an extension of the client’s staff, Carollo provided program administration, design-phase/construction-phase management, and multiple subconsultant management. Work included several 24-inch to 48-inch water transmission mains, pump stations, storage facilities, field wells, well equipment, and collector pipelines.

  • Westside Water System Improvements - Carollo assisted El Paso Water Utilities in addressing water pressure and supply problems within its Westside system. Work included hydraulic modeling, design of three new steel water reservoirs, two new booster pump stations, a pump station replacement, and 10 miles of new 16-inch, 24-inch, and 30-inch water transmission main. Carollo assisted with site selection, property acquisition, surveying, equipment prepurchase, and utility interface/coordination.

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