Chandler Heights Recharge Project Master Plan, Design, and Construction

City of Chandler, 

Chandler Heights Recharge Project Master Plan, Design, and Construction

2008 Environmental Excellence Highest Crescordia Award - Valley Forward
Project Highlights: 
  • Recharge of treated effluent to the groundwater aquifer through a series of shallow spreading basins.
  • Educational and recreational design components include a permanent urban lake, trails system, wetlands, and landscaping.
  • A police substation building is also situated on this property that is integrated into the architectural theme.
Chandler Heights Recharge Image 1

The City of Chandler hired Carollo in 2003 to develop a master plan concept for the Chandler Heights Recharge Project and park, which was first unveiled to the public in October 2004. A second public meeting was held in December 2005 after more detailed plans were developed.

The master plan included the development of the footprint of the site integrating the need to recharge reclaimed water through the use of surface basins. The master plan included an implementation plan and schedule for the development of the wetlands recharge facility, freshwater lake, and park facilities through the design and construction phases.

The site is part of the Southeast Chandler Area Plan adopted in 1999. The primary goal of the project was to develop a recharge site. However, the plan also included an important secondary goal of developing an integrated, multi-use park facility, which includes education, passive recreation, habitat, and trails.

The $22 million park, police substation, and groundwater recharge/wetlands facility was built on 113 acres located on the northeast corner of Chandler Heights and Lindsay Roads. The project’s primary purpose is to recharge reclaimed water piped to the park from the City’s Airport WRF at McQueen and Queen Creek Roads. Five acres are dedicated to police department uses yielding a net of 180 acres for wetlands/recharge and multi-use park development. The wetlands component of the project was developed around the groundwater recharge basins and provide for recreational opportunities such as wildlife observation, picnicking, bicycling, a trail system, running streams, and a five-acre fishing lake.

Other services provided by Carollo included permitting, programming, preliminary design, final design, and construction management services for the City on its wetlands/recharge project in the southeast area of the City. Permitting services included an Underground Storage Facility permit (USF), Water Storage permit (WS), and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) Aquifer Protection Permit (APP).