Spanish Fork Pipeline

Central Utah Water Conservancy District, 

Spanish Fork Pipeline

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Project Highlights: 
  • 32,200 feet of 108-inch pipeline.
  • Major component of Central Utah Project.
  • Significant design challenges for construction in narrow mountain canyon.
Alignment of the Spanish Fork Pipeline through a narrow canyon corridor
The required alignment of the Spanish Fork Pipeline through a narrow canyon corridor balances slope stability mitigation, utility relocation, highway corridor alignment, and railroad alignment issues.

Carollo performed preliminary design of the Spanish Fork Pipeline. The project consists of a 6.1-mile, 108-inch-diameter steel transmission line capable of delivering 560 cu ft/sec (360 mgd) of raw water to southern Utah. The pipeline will carry Central Utah Project water from the existing Diamond Fork pipeline at the mouth of Diamond Fork Canyon to Spanish Fork Canyon.

The proposed alignment for the pipeline parallels State Route 6 through Spanish Fork Canyon. This alignment presented several major design challenges. Project features include:

  • Coordination with Utah Department of Transportation plans in order to aid in the future design of improvements to State Route 6.
  • A detailed geological evaluation of the pipe alignment including a slope stability analysis, a rock-cut slope analysis, identification of geological hazards, and a detailed analysis of the soils along the pipe alignment.
  • Detailed topographic mapping of the alignment and identification of existing utilities and property ownership.
  • Traffic control and coordination with existing utilities within a narrow canyon.

Ancillary project features and special design considerations also include:

  • Tunneled highway/railroad and river crossings.
  • A control structure which will reduce and distribute high-pressure (335 psi) flow to five downstream pipes/channels.