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Confidential Semi-Conductor Client - Chandler, 

Industrial Services

Brine Management Design Provides Cost-Effective, Flexible Solution

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Carollo continues to provide engineering and design services to this market leader, which is recognized for its commitment to responsible water management worldwide.

Confidential Semi-Conductor Client

Carollo provided design and construction management services for a new brine management system featuring pretreatment, high efficiency reverse osmosis, and thermal concentration technologies. The primary treatment train includes conventional lime softening using high-rate clarifiers, granular media filters, ion exchange, RO with energy recovery, a re-purposed brine concentrator, and brine evaporation ponds. The solids stream treatment features backwash equalization, thickened sludge storage, and solids dewatering using belt filter presses. The system also includes various chemical storage and feed systems, including lime silos and associated batching systems, caustic soda, carbon dioxide, polymer, magnesium chloride, ferric chloride, and hydrochloric acid.

The project team’s innovative design resulted in a solution that eliminates sewer discharge, produces high-quality permeate for reuse on-site and at the facility’s adjacent industrial campus, and provides long-term opportunities to discontinue or significantly minimize use of off-site brine ponds. It also offers the client and the City of Chandler operational flexibility for managing water quality and reducing O&M costs associated with chemical usage and solids handling.