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Thirty Years of Industrial Wastewater Services Drives Productivity and Sustainability

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Bell Carter Olive Company

Carollo’s 30-year partnership with Bell Carter began with the development of a wastewater processing master plan, and evolved over the years with the design and construction of a 1-mgd treatment plant, odor control facilities, and a state-of-the-art direct membrane filtration system, as well as the completion of pilot testing, feasibility studies, permitting assistance, and the provision of operational support and other engineering consulting services over the decades.

In 2012, Carollo designed an innovative system to reduce the company’s reliance on potable water supplies. Historically, the company used more than one million gallons of water daily to store, process, cook, and cool their product. Carollo designed innovative reuse facilities that feature a novel cooling and treatment concept, retrofitted into a historic packing facility that is highly site constrained. The design involved a caisson-style pump station within an existing building to collect flows from the retort cookers and return them to the cooling loop sump and heat exchanger loop. This approach resulted in a recycling process that saves 54 million gallons of water annually. Bell Carter now reuses more than 60 percent of cooking/cooling water used at its primary processing facility.

With Carollo’s services, Bell Carter continually meets its wastewater processing needs in a cost-effective manner; complies with all federal, state, and regional regulations; and achieves its sustainability goals through efficient water use. The company now represents the largest table olive producer in the U.S., and second largest in the world.