Asset Reliability Assessment and Financial Plan

City of Simi Valley, 

Asset Reliability Assessment and Financial Plan

Project Highlights: 
  • California Proposition 218 requirements
  • Reliability assessment and renewal needs analysis
  • Belowground Asset Manager (BAM) tool development and implementation

To help the City of Simi Valley improve reliability and prepare for Proposition 218 requirements, Carollo conducted a reliability assessment and renewal needs analysis for the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant and collection system. The field effort involved a multi-discipline visual condition assessment aimed at determining remaining useful life and risk for all major components at the treatment plant. For evaluation of the collection system, Carollo analyzed GIS-based pipe data in the Belowground Asset Manager (BAM) tool developed by Carollo for calculating risk and estimating long-term pipe renewal needs.

The above-ground and below-ground reliability assessments were conducted in parallel, utilizing consistent metrics for vulnerability, criticality, and risk. The resulting recommendations for rehabilitation and replacement projects for the five and twenty-year Capital Improvement Programs were then incorporated into a financial plan. This plan assessed the change in revenue necessary to cover the recommended projects, and it presented three scenarios for rate adjustments.

The reliability assessment, the forecast of capital improvement needs, and the financial plan were incorporated in a detailed report to support Proposition 218 requirements for the City's sewer rate increase.