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A new measure of sustainability for infrastructure projects

The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure has released the Envision Sustainability Rating System. Envision is similar to LEED in that it is a professional sustainability accreditation process with four levels of recognition (Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze).

However,  Envision is different from LEED in that it applies to all infrastructure rather than just buildings, giving users a way to measure the benefit of the up-front investment in more sustainable measures over a project's life span. It can work for both new construction but also R&R work as well, and similar to LEED, Envision considers the "triple bottom line," taking into account not only a project's cost but also its environmental impact and the value it offers the community.

Carollo is encountering more clients that are interested in including Envision on their projects such as the City of Oxnard. Oxnard currently has received LEED accreditation for their Advanced Water Treatment Facility and wants to explore what level of Envision accreditation they would meet as well.

For more information on Envision, contact Lydia Holmes or Courtney Eaton (Walnut Creek office).