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Direct potable reuse trickles on in Texas

As you may have heard (and seen) here, Carollo is conducting the majority of research necessary to demonstrate that potable reuse can be done safely and reliably. Our research serves as the foundation for regulations being developed in states like Arizona, California, and Texas which have determined they need reclaimed water as a source for drinking water.

This summer, the Texas Water Development Board selected Carollo to perform the detailed public health analysis of the Big Spring advanced treatment facility in Texas, which began operation in April of this year. This facility is the first Direct Potable Reuse facility in the United States and is truly the tip of the spear for future water reuse. 

Click here for an update from the Texas Water Resources Institute on this important step in making DPR a safe and effective reality, or you can click here to read Trojan's commercial about the UV system at Big Spring.