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Magnetic ion exchange--water contaminant bullying on a molecular level

In scientific terms, water is typically filled with a lot of gunky things that might hurt us. But in Palm Beach, FL, Carollo was able to design a magnetic ion exchange treatment system to make the water, well, a lot less gunky.

Click here to read a paper by Monica Pazahanick (Palm Beach Office) on this very cool technology and project, but be prepared for lines like this:

"The principle of ion exchange is adsorption of a cation or an anion to the surface of a functional group in exchange for a cation or anion that is more weakly held by the functional group."

Which just sounds to us like someone who is stronger is trading an apple to someone who is weaker and has a cupcake. But then, look at what our scientists make bacteria eat, so we tend to get used to cruelty on a microscopic scale.