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Texas WRA puts their trust(ee) in Carollo

Eva Steinle-Darling

Eva Steinle-Darling (Austin Office) was recently named a Trustee of the Texas Section of the WateReuse Association (Texas WRA).

The Texas WRA was formed in 2005 to support the ever-increasing focus on water reuse to supplement and diversify the water supplies in Texas. Members of the Texas Section include reclaimed water purveyors, reclaimed water customers, regulatory agencies, engineering consulting firms, and equipment vendors.

The Officers of Texas WRA serve and represent the interests of its members by providing technical and policy input to the Texas legislative process on topics related to reuse and desalination, acting as a central clearinghouse for media inquiries seeking expert opinions regarding ongoing reuse projects in Texas, and managing a budget for Texas-specific reuse research projects. In addition, the officers of Texas WRA host the Texas Water Reuse conference held every year in July, and assist with reuse-themed sessions at other State-level conferences.

The officers of Texas WRA work towards these goals in concert with other groups, including the Reuse Committees of the Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT) and the Texas Water Conservation Association (TWCA), as well as the Conservation and Reuse Committee of the Texas Section of AWWA.

Congratulations to Eva on this prestigious assignment!