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What do 943 people know that you don't?

Out To Pasture
You, Without Social Media - Out to Pasture

If you haven't yet become a friend of Carollo's Facebook page or signed up for our Twitter feed (@CarolloTweets), then you're missing out on news, information, and industry updates that will make other consultants weep and rend their hair and garments when they behold your knowledge and wisdom.  

But for the 943 Carollo Facebook friends who have come in from the blasted heath of online anti-social behavior, they were treated to the latest in news articles, project updates, and general goings on in our industry.
If you're not one our Special Facebook Friends, there's still time to get your life back on course, marry that person you should have married, and use that gym membership you signed up for two years ago. And join us on Facebook, of course.  

As we've warned before, one day soon, someone at Carollo in a Position of Authority will experience a flight delay and finally decide to see what kinds of things have been posted on the Carollo Facebook page. Doesn't your innate sense of schadenfreude compel you to find out what might happen?