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Carollo's commitment to DPR gets us some glass (and class)

In early May, Carollo was honored for our contribution to the California Direct Potable Reuse Initiative, led by the WateReuse Research Foundation (WRRF). The award is for, cleverly enough, "Contributing to the California DPR Initiative," in the $150,000 category.

As a bit of background, Carollo, under the leadership of Chief Water Reuse Technologist Andy Salveson (Walnut Creek Office), is currently working on four of the five on-going WateReuse Research Foundation projects related to potable reuse. We are working to leverage our expertise and our commitment to WateReuse to do even more work as California prepares to develop regulations allowing recycled water to be a source of supply for drinking water treatment plants.

Photo of Guy Carpenter, Carollo's Water Resources & Reuse Group Leader, accepting the award on the company's behalf. He claims he's actually holding the award in this picture, but its transparency renders it difficult to see. We did some photo enhancement analysis, and are unable to confirm or refute his claim at this time. But if he's not actually holding anything, then Guy has a legitimate career fallback option as a mime. Mom would be so proud!