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Louis Pasteur's legacy helps Carollo (and our client) win a prestigious award

Ventura Water award

In a journalistic coup commensurate only to hitting "I feel lucky" on the Google Search Engine, we bring you this announcement taken directly from the City of Ventura (CA) web page:

Ventura Water, along with collaborators Pasteurization Technology Group (PTG) and Carollo Engineers, received the water recycling "Project of the Year - Medium" award during the 2013 WateReuse California Annual Conference held this week. The award recognizes Ventura's demonstration project utilizing innovative pasteurization technology to disinfect wastewater conducted at the Water Reclamation Facility over the past two years.

Secretly, Andy Salveson (Walnut Creek office) gave us a heads up on this one, since he was instrumental in the success of this project, and just happened to be on hand for the awards ceremony.

Click here to read more of the official Ventura press release from their web page, or click here to send Andy your good wishes for his continued war against deadly pathogens and other nasty stuff.