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Carollo enhances its stormwater "street cred" in horribly rainy Los Angeles

Carollo is making progress in the stormwater market in LA with a project for the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering. 

The City recently constructed two, 2-million gallon buried concrete tanks at its Temescal Canyon and Penmar Parks that capture stormwater during rain events, retain it until the storm passes, and then discharge the water to the sewer for treatment. The projects are called Temescal Canyon Park Stormwater Best Management Practices Project Phase 1 and Penmar Water Quality Improvement Project Phase 1. Both projects were constructed to assist the City in complying with the wet weather bacteria TMDL for the Santa Monica Bay.  

Carollo will design Phase 2 of both projects, which will include treatment processes, pumping facilities, and on site piping to use the captured stormwater (and potentially dry weather flows) as a supplemental water supply for the irrigation needs at both parks and potentially a neighboring golf course. The project is scheduled to be designed this year with construction starting in April 2014. 

The team made some innovative recommendations, demonstrated Carollo's treatment capabilities, and put a lot of thought into how the systems should be operated to maximize the amount of stormwater and dry weather flows available for reuse and quantified the potential value to the City.

If you have any questions about the project, feel free to call either Guy Carpenter (Phoenix office) or Tom West (Los Angeles office).