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Colorado Nutrient Summit

Wastewater dischargers in Colorado and across the nation anticipate more stringent nutrient limitations in upcoming permit cycles based on recent regulatory decisions. In November, representatives from 12 Colorado Rocky Mountain front range utilities gathered in Carollo’s Littleton office to discuss the implications of these regulations on facility planning, design, and construction. Nutrient Summit attendees tackled several priority topics, including nutrient management technologies, carbon addition, nutrient monitoring, impact on solids treatment, and operational challenges. The information exchange between utilities proved invaluable as attendees were able to share their ideas and approaches with the group. Carollo supports this type of collaboration between utilities as we all plan to address national trends toward reduced nitrogen and phosphorus loading to our receiving waters. Carollo plans on hosting similar Nutrient Summit meetings in other sensitive water sheds.

For information regarding potential Nutrient Summit activities in your area Email, John Fraser, P.E Carollo’s Wastewater Practice Director.