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Carollo's 4-D visualization technology wins an award!

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To reduce the risk of potential schedule claims on the complex South Secondary Improvements Project, MWRD and Carollo used Navigator V8i to link the 12,154 individual activities from the contractor's Primavera P6 baseline schedule with the Bentley Microstation 3D model to create a 4D visualization.

The 4D visualization aided the project team in evaluating whether the Contractor's accelerated baseline schedule was realistically achievable and provided a level of detail in review that would have been extremely difficult and time consuming in the P6 format.

This innovative approach to schedule review was recently recognized by industry professionals at the Bentley Be Inspired Awards in Amsterdam, Netherlands, receiving an award for "Innovation in Water and Wastewater".

Click here to see a PowerPoint presentation on this project and technology. It's a big file, so click the link, go to lunch, come back, take a meeting, work on your transmission for a while--in other words, be patient.