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2012 Gordon Research Conference on Drinking Water Disinfection By-products

Drinking water disinfection by-products graph

Greg Pope (AUS) attended this conference, where researchers from around the globe presented the latest disinfection by-product (DBP) occurrence and formation, treatment, exposure, toxicity, and epidemiology research. Presentations ranged from new emerging DBP (e.g. NDMA) formation pathways, to the relative toxicology of the different emerging DBPs (including mixtures of DBPs), to even the public embarrassment of DBPs in swimming pools and the impacts of hydraulic fracturing on source waters with respect to DBP formation. 

NDMA turned out to be the darling of the ball, with everyone wondering if (and how) this compound or other nitrogenous DBPs will be regulated in the near future; dishing on its formation pathways, occurrence, and control; and speculating on the rumor that it was dating a Kardashian. 

The conference was unique in that it not only provided a platform for the most recent research to be presented, but did so while promoting dialogue between chemists, toxicologists, epidemiologists, engineers, and regulators. Kind of a like a geeky "Yo Momma" contest.