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Science-based UV disinfection makes life easier for operators

Sleeping at desk

Are the operations staff at your favorite UV plant sleeping well at night? If not, Carollo can help.

Andy Salveson and Nitin Goel have developed a detailed scientific-based design approach that was used for the design of a UV system for the City of Monroe, WA. The approach includes establishing the treatment goals, incorporating a selected level of conservatism, and establishing appropriate design criteria. The key design criteria include the sleeve-fouling rate, the design UV transmittance, and the design UV dose. To estimate these parameters, Carollo conducted a lamp fouling study at the WWTP, analyzed historical UVT data, and conducted collimated beam tests.

The well rested faces of the Monroe WWTP staff are proof that it was worth the effort... Testing on the full scale reactor was a direct validation of the detailed design approach, with effluent fecal coliform concentrations nearly identical to the target values, and approximately 1-log (90%) below the permit level.

Click here to read the full WEFTEC paper.