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Predicting the future in the Land Down Under

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Earlier this month, members of the the International Water Association (IWA) met in Brisbane, Australia for the IWA's 9th Leading Edge Conference on Water And Wastewater Technologies.  

Their goal was to bat around a pretty big question, namely: "What are the trends that IWA Leading Edge Researchers see coming in the future?" 

Over the five-day conference, an international group of regulators, facility managers, researchers, and consultants tackled topics such as: anaerobic treatment, disaster planning, emerging contaminants, reinventing urban infrastructure, and potable water reuse.

We at Carollo are highly confident of three things:

  1. Someone at some point made a "shrimp on the barbie" joke.  
  2. The thermophilic digestion guys started a fight with the mesophilic digestion guys, but quickly realized they were outnumbered.     
  3. Nothing was really resolved, but everyone vowed to come back next year and keep trying. Especially if the conference could be held in Aruba. 

Obviously, the best part of the conference was when Tanja Rauch-Williams (Denver Broomfield Office) presented the results of her and Andy Salveson's (Walnut Creek Office) WERF study, called "Integrating Nutrient and Trace Organic Removal in Wastewater Treatment." 

Click here to see the full conference program and here to see the WERF presentation.