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Carollo develops iPad applications that have nothing to do with Angry Birds


Carollo Systems is again changing the boundaries of treatment plant operation through development of customized iPad applications for our clients' facilities. Now, facility managers, supervisors, and operators can remotely access vital treatment plant systems to monitor and maintain treatment or to respond to O&M issues. These applications integrate with a client's existing network and allow for global or local remote access. The iPad can also be used by maintenance technicians as a local, remote-access device. 

While PCs are still generally better for on-site O&M control, the new iPad applications are adding a new dimension to how today's treatment plant staff members are embracing tomorrow's technology.

For an example of a "how to" presentation recently given by Carollo Systems on iPad applications, click here, or contact Amir Najafi (Walnut Creek Office) or Jeff Martin (Sacramento Office) to find out more.