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"Sketching" our ideas to improve project communication

3-D sketch

While Microstation continues to be our detailed 3-D design platform, Carollo engineers are using other 3-D tools, such as Google SketchUp, to quickly give clients an idea of what their facilities will look like and help them make important project decisions.

Our folks recently developed a SketchUp 3-D model for a $135 million water treatment plant rehabilitation project for the City of Sacramento. The model included existing and planned facilities for the 40-acre site, and was used to walk the owner through the facilities for the entire 30 percent design workshop. 

Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and while Microstation will continue to be the key platform for producing 3-D design drawings, SketchUp will return for the 50 percent design workshop, as well as other decision-making occasions. 

Impressed yet? Here's something else. The City used Carollo's SketchUp model in a public outreach video to support public funding for the project. Have a look at it here.