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The Direct Potable Reuse Revolution

The Direct Potable Reuse Revolution

Steinle-Darling, E.
Published In: 
AMTA Journal,  
October 2017

Because of the severe drought in many parts of the country, including the Southwest region, water-supply horizons must be broader and include alternatives that, until recently, might have seemed too expensive, complicated, or unappealing. These include the beneficial reuse of water reclamation plant effluent (much of which is currently released to surface water systems or the ocean).

This article talks about the implementation of potable reuse across the country and includes case studies from Big Springs, Wichita Falls, and El Paso, Texas.

Steinle-Darling, E. “The Direct Potable Reuse Revolution.” AMTA Solutions, pp.1-5. Fall 2017.