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Carollo Helps Lead Up NorCal Biosolids Initiative

Sarah Deslauriers

Sarah Deslauriers (Walnut Creek Office) has just been named as Program Manager to the Bay Area Biosolids to Energy Coalition. The Coalition is made up of 19 member agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area who are working to “develop a diverse and robust portfolio of beneficial biosolids resource recovery projects for the San Francisco Bay Area.”

Put another way, the Coalition is working to find ways to extract additional energy from biosolids after they have been through the digestion process. As Program Manager, Sarah will be a key part of helping the Coalition meet their goals of transforming low-value biosolids into high-value energy products, thereby creating a long-term, reliable renewable energy project benefiting society and the environment.

Congratulations to Sarah on this honor and we wish her and her colleagues well in their endeavors!

To find out more about the Bay Area Biosolids to Energy Coalition, visit their website.