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Take a Holistic Approach to Groundwater Treatment

Take a Holistic Approach to Groundwater Treatment

He, Charlie
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Opflow - American Water Works Association,  
November 2015

​Many unwanted constituents can be found in groundwater, No silver bullet exists that can solve all groundwater treatment challenges. This article presents five strategies that can be used to determine economical and effective groundwater treatment options.

  1. Understand treatment requirements and water quality implications.
  2. Select the optimal treatmen technology from your toolbox.
  3. Maximize treatment efficiency through pretreatment.
  4. Consider residuals handling in your techonology selection.
  5. Consider biological filtration.

Each option is explained in detail in this article.

​He, Charlie. "Take a Holistic Approach to Groundwater Treatment." American Water Works Association Opflow. Vol. 41 No. 11, pp: 22-25, 2015.