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Carollo Engineer Sarah Deslauriers Named Climate Change Committee Chair

Sarah Deslauriers

The AWWA Water Resource Sustainability Division Board of Trustees has appointed Carollo employee Sarah Deslauriers (Walnut Creek) to a three-year term as Climate Change Committee Chair. The Climate Change Committee’s mission is to generate, review, report and disseminate information on water supply planning and management relating to issues of climate change (both mitigation and adaptation) and to facilitate awareness among water utilities and the broader community.

As Committee Chair, Sarah will lead the group towards achieving goals set by the Water Resource Sustainability Division; regularly communicate with committee members; hold in-person meetings; encourage and invite participation of individuals on the committee and committee projects; look for diversity in areas of topical expertise, geography, and employers to develop well-rounded approaches to projects and deliverables; and lead efforts to deliver work products including pre-conference workshops, conference sessions, manuals, articles in AWWA publications, and annual committee reports.

At Carollo, water is our focus, our business, and our passion. Sarah’s appointment to Committee Chair is the latest example of how Carollo’s engineers demonstrate their commitment to improving water supply availability and quality for our nation’s communities.