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Making water safe...

Making water safe...

Greater Cincinnati Water Works
Carollo provided UV disinfection design services for the Greater Cincinnati Water Works’ Richard Miller Treatment Plant. Now complete, it is one of the largest UV disinfection drinking water facilities in operation in North America.

Drinking Water Treatment

Because we focus strictly on water, Carollo understands the challenges our clients face like nobody else. In meeting regulatory and public demands for clean, safe drinking water, solving those challenges begins with using the right technologies to meet your goals. Carollo has applied every available technology to meet our clients’ water treatment objectives, including traditional media filters, specialized resins, membranes, and UV reactors.

We are diligently working to meet all future challenges too, collaborating with agencies across the country to stay ahead of the treatment curve. We know that planning for every contaminant or contingency is unrealistic and cost-prohibitive, but our engineers and scientists can help you identify likely contaminants you’ll need to worry about and put together a plan to address them before they become a problem. The real key for the future of the industry will be knowing how to apply affordable technologies to marginal water supplies to create new, sustainable resources — just what Carollo has been doing for over 80 years!