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Addition by Subtraction

Baffle walls out, new modules in. Nicola Fontaine and Paul Friedlander inspect the recently renovated UV channels (UV equipment removed for maintenance) at DSRSD (California). Extensive bioassay work demonstrated that the addition of 14% more equipment, and the use of a dramatically improved control system, will increase the Title 22 UV capacity from 9.7 MGD to 17.6 MGD.

Role Model Retires

Sad day in Scotts Valley CA as Scott Hamby, Director of Public Works, retires. Scott is an example to us all on how to live and work; enthusiastic, supportive, can-do, and caring. Thank you Scott for your many years of service to our industry and for all the good times. We will miss you.

Taste the Purity

What happens when you store purified reclaimed water from a non-RO purification process (O₃/BAF/UF/GAC/UV)? We put the challenge to our Orlando staff, comparing purified water after storage (2 weeks) to tap water. The results? High quality good tasting water on both ends, storage has no negative taste or odor impact.

Training Daze

Notebooks out! Nate (from WesTech) quickly works through the control screens with SFPUC and Carollo on the new UF system that is part of the PureWaterSF demonstration system. We are getting closer, training for the RO is next week, with the UV and the online ZAPs units soon to follow. Stay tuned, Pure Water is just around the corner.

Just Lunch?

Not even close. Big ideas are afoot in Westwood as artists and engineers unite. aquaTecture, el dorado (architects), Michael Jones McKean (artist, professor), and Carollo working through some ways to move forward with potable water reuse systems that engage the public and ignite the imagination.

What Do You See?

Concrete you say? A riparian corridor? Some mountains in the background? What Carollo’s Nicola Fontaine and Toby Weissert see is a way to reduce Disinfection Byproducts and reduce chemical use for the City of Riverside’s Title 22 disinfection facility (top of chlorine contact basin shown in photo). For free chlorination systems, 450 mg-min/L is no longer mandated in California, as we look to get our 5-log virus kill at CT values of 25 mg-min/L and below!

Hello Beautiful!

To some, this contraption may seem cold and mechanical, nothing but valves, meters, plastic, and steel. To the PureWaterSF team, this device is an elegant beauty, ready to remove virus, protozoa, chemicals, and salt. The Direct Potable Reuse demonstration project is now getting assembled and installed at SFPUC Headquarters (for research and tasting only).  The next update from SF in this space will have freshly minted H₂O!

We at SWE

Carollo Engineers was well represented at the Society of Women Engineers Annual Conference in Austin TX! The team spent two days talking to collegiates and professionals about awesome opportunities in the water industry with Carollo.

(Note from Andy: Sure hope somebody was talking about water reuse!)

#WE17 #CarolloEngineers #ThisIsWhatAnEngineerLooksLike

Los(t) Lobos?

Bill is on the road again, this time with Melanie Sikes in New Mexico. Our two days together included a visit to UNM (go Lobos!), Christmas Enchiladas (spicy chile), an extended UV replacement meeting with our client in Rio Rancho, and a visit to the first (and only) operational potable water reuse system in the State. Thanks to Jim and his crew at Rio Rancho for the collaboration.


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