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As a water only firm, Carollo has some of the most innovative and forward-looking people in the industry. On this page you will find thoughts, ruminations, and experiences from a variety of Carollo's discipline practice leaders. We invite you to add to the discussion and become part of Carollo's thought leadership in water engineering.


Israel Technology Exchange - San Jose, CA

Back in California, NWRI's Suzanne Sharkey kicking off a technology exchange discussion at a WateReuse Association International Advisory Group workshop at the Santa Clara Valley Water District's purification center. Guests included our host the Santa Clara Valley Water District (thanks Hossein!), Ranaan and Avner Adin (private consultants from Israel) and Andy David (Israel's Consulate General), engineering consultants from across California, and Bahman Sheikh and Eric Rosenblum (thanks guys for setting this up!).

El Paso Action

El Paso Water's next phase of potable water reuse is now in motion. First steps include a grant funding action plan, looking to leverage existing Title XVI authorization to help move this project forward.

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Altamonte Springs Florida. Pranjali Kumar (Carollo) having a cool drink of freshly purified water in Altamonte Springs. Extensive water quality results are rolling in (thanks SNWA and UC Davis!), demonstrating the safety of direct potable reuse using Ozone/BAF, UF, GAC, and UV AOP...look closely...NO RO! We are grateful to the whole team, the vision, construction, and operational support of Altamonte Springs, the robust treatment systems from the Suppliers (Xylem, BiWater/Toray, Calgon Carbon, Trojan, Hach), and the collaborative effort from FDEP and SJRWMD.

El Paso and the Chihuahuas!

The chihuahua’s history remains a bit of a mystery, but evidence suggests they descended from the Techichi, a companion dog of the Toltec civilization in Mexico over 1000 years ago. The chihuahua is named after the Chihuahuan Desert, which stretches from Mexico into West Texas, Southern Arizona, and New Mexico.

Déjà vu all over again

This photo could be from 1998...Clean Water Revival rolling into high gear. Not So!

Fast forward to May 2017, a few members of the Tri-Valley Potable Water Reuse Feasibility Study team (Paul, Lydia, Andrea, Christina, Levi, Rhodora) walk through the DSRSD Clean Water Revival facilities, considering how to integrate 12 mgd of purification systems into different footprints. Next stop for the team is the City of Livermore's Water Reclamation Plant.

Imagine PureWaterSF!

Manisha Kothari (SFPUC) and Andrea Corral (Carollo) laying out the forthcoming purification demonstration facilities at 525 GG. Visualize each yellow box in the foreground soon to be UF, RO, and UV AOP. See the blue tape on the floor? Soon Pure Water will flow through new piping to demonstrate the safety of potable water reuse!

Hang tight, more to come!

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