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Large Membrane Treatment Plant Opens in Dallas Area

Large Membrane Treatment Plant Opens in Dallas Area

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Journal American Water Works Association,  
April 2008

The startup of one of the largest membrane treatment plants in Texas, the Tom Harpool Regional Water Treatment Plant, has been announced by Carollo Engineers and the Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD). UTRWD is a conservation district headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, that provides wholesale water, wastewater, solid waste, and stormwater services to customers in the northern Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The opening of the 20-mgd plant, which uses the Zeeweed® membrane treatment process from GE Water & Process Technologies, marked the culmination of more than ten years of planning by UTRWD and Carollo. According to Jim Gallovich, Carollo’s manager on the project, one of the key aspects for choosing membrane filtration technology for the project was its inherent high-level of automation, which allowed for remote operation and monitoring of the plant.

To minimize the impact of the treatment plant on nearby residential housing, nearly all process units, including membranes, are enclosed in structures designed to blend in with the landscape of the surrounding community. In addition, a master plan for the site was completed. It includes plans for future facilities and piping to accommodate the maximum anticipated capacity of 240 mgd, as well as the ability to accommodate an anticipated maximum capacity of 240 mgd-as well as other advanced filtration technologies, such as ozone and UV disinfection.

“We were faced with a demanding project,” said Tom Snyder, UTRWD’s assistant director of engineering and construction. “Through Carollo’s insight, creativity and experience, the project remained on-track, and many potential project setbacks were avoided.”

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