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Biological Drinking Water Treatment: Busting the Myths Webinar 9/10/2014

Busting the Myths Webinar

Until recently, biological drinking water treatment in the United States has been relatively limited. However, recent industry trends show that use of biological drinking water treatment could become common practice to address a wide variety of contaminants. These trends include (1) the rising costs and increasing complexities of handling water-treatment residuals (e.g., ion exchange brine), (2) the emergence of new contaminants that are particularly amenable to biological degradation (e.g., perchlorate, hexavalent chromium, VOCs), (3) the drive toward energy efficiency, (4) regulations limiting the formation of disinfection by-products (DBPs), and (5) the emergence of membrane-based treatment systems, which are highly susceptible to biological fouling. One key barrier to broader application of biological drinking water treatment is the persistence of biotreatment myths. This seminar will discuss many of those myths, covering planning, permitting, design, operation, and performance. 

Webinar objectives:

  1. Gain an understanding of industry experiences and best practices regarding the planning, evaluation, design, and operation of biofilters.
  2. Learn how to maximize the benefits of biofiltration while minimizing any potential negative impacts.
  3. Understand the regulatory environment related to biofiltration and be able to identify and eliminate hurdles in the permitting process.
  4. Be able to establish an effective on-line biofiltration monitoring program and develop appropriate operating goals.

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