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Carollo Helps Boulder Colorado With Carbon Optimization for Nutrient Reduction

Over the past year, Carollo has been helping the City of Boulder in Colorado determine how best to optimize internal carbon and leverage affordable supplemental carbon sources to improve nitrogen reduction. The City has identified a possible partnership with Avery Brewery for the use of waste weak wort as a cost effective carbon supplement. Carollo has completed the design of aeration basin modifications and a carbon feed facility that will store and dose waste weak wort or acetic acid to the process. This facility should be operational in 2016.

Follow this link to Denver’s local 9 News story for more details.

Carollo’s Low-Cost Nitrate Removal Technology is Here!

Carollo’s biologically-tailored, two-stage treatment approach is an exciting water treatment process that can handle a wide range of groundwater contaminants, eliminate environmentally harmful waste streams, increase water recovery rates, and reduce treatment costs. Click here to find out more!

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Carollo receives "2014 Award for Public Works"

OCSD Headworks Rendering

The Plant No. 2 Headworks Replacement project for Orange County Sanitation District, CA, has been awarded the "2014 Award for Public Works (More than $100 Million)" by the Construction Management Association of America. Click here to read about this project.